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Master your rental process.

Gain efficiency :
Simplify the communication between your teams and reception

For whom?

Specially designed for campsites, hotels and room rental, ActionCheck is a simple and free tool to manage their rentals quickly and efficiently.

For what?

ActionCheck allows you to create lists of rentals and control the actions required to ensure their preparation for your clients. A simple and intuitive user interface allows a simple check box action, to show if a rental has been cleaned or repaired and can even automatically notify your client if their rental is ready.

A connected application

ActionCheck is an online service, so no need to install any software internally, it can be used and updated from anywhere and at any time.


With its responsive design, ActionCheck can be used from a PC, tablet or smartphone. All you need is an Internet browser.


ActionCheck allows several users to work on lists of rentals simultaneously, this way your staff can work as a team and be informed in real time of any change of status of the rental.


« ActionCheck allows teams to work with less stress and less issues. More relaxed communication in hectic days. »Lisa

ActionCheck Free/Cloud vs ActionCheck Professional

Choose the product that is right for you.

  ActionCheck Free

ActionCheck Cloud

ActionCheck Professional
Rentals Up to 20 20 to 100 Unlimited
Role Management  
Support Tutorials Support Mail Support VIP (Mail/Tél.)
Dedicated Hosting    
Domain Name    
Sending SMS Optional
Price FREE £54 to £270 / year From £432 / year

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