My Account and Action Lists

By clicking on the "My account" button in the main menu of ActionCheck, information on your account and lists are displayed.

My account and action lists

To select a list to use, click the magnifying glass icon button.

Button to use the list

Available displays

There are two display are possible, a mosaic and list. The mosiac view is less detailed and suitable for module phones.

Mosaic view

The list view allows for a more detailed display, actions can be done directly from the list buttons. Both views can be selected and switched by using the icons on the top left of the list container.

Different status display

Color status.

Green = rental ready, status OK

Orange = rental occupied

Red = not ready, required status





Check Mark

Rental Available


Rental to be prepare


Rental Occupied


Priority action required


Internal Notes


Cleaning Required


Maintenance required

External Contractor

External Contractor required

Two list filters and selectors are available :

  • If multiple lists exists, you can select which list to use.
Status filter
  • You can choose to filter what rentals are visible on the list.
Status filter

Accomodation details

In the list view, clicking the Magnifying glass icon button will give you the detail view. In mosiac view you simply click the rental button. From here you can update the rental status or add internal notes for the rental.

You can also send notifications from this display.

For email notification you'll need to enter the email address of the client. If you want to send an SMS to the client, you'll need to enter the clients' mobile phone number. But you'll also need to purchase SMS create from you account page. If you have no SMS credit, the email will be sent, but the SMS will not be sent. Both notification types are optional.

Accomodation details

An audit history of each action made on a rental is available.

View history