List Settings

  In the "My Account" page, use the Settings button on the Action List to enter the Action List settings.

List information

On this page, the administrator can edit list details, give access to staff and external contractors. See Invite a User

Once the member of staff or contractor has an account with Action-Check you can then add then to have access to the list.  You can also assign a role.

  • Staff
  • Manager
  • Administrator
  • External Contractor

The rights of the roles are listed below :






Read and Action rentals

Change the Status



Create a list




Invite a member




Staff role

List member with "Staff" role can perform these actions :

  • Validate Cleaning ;
  • Validate Maintenance;
  • View Priority Icon ;
  • View Notes ;
  • Filter Action List by Status ;
  • Switch between Lists (If they have access to multiple lists) .

The staff role is assigned to new members by default.  Only Pro versions of Action-Check allow for the changing of memeber roles.

Staff role

Manager role

A manager role can be assigned to members, if the Administrator has a Pro Account. A Manager roles has the same access as any Staff roles, but also can alter the status of the rental.

Manager role

External Contractors

The role of Exteranl Contractor has reduced access to the Action List.  They can only see and action the maintenance flag on rentals which have been assigned to them, as requiring external maintenance.

Contractant Page detail

The interface of the contractor is reduced to show only those rentals which they have been assigned.  Once the work is completed they can action the work which has been done.  The rental will then disappear from their action list view and the contractor icon removed from the staff view.

UI Contractor

Once the contractor has completed all their assigned actions, their action list will be empty.

Contractor without affectation